SA(M)-6 "Sam"

Robotic criminal leader/Leftist


Physical Stats





Heavy blaster pistol (Licensed)[concealed in compartment in right forearm]

Chassis and Modifications

Head, two arms and walking locomotion (two legs)


Improved sensor package
Internal comlink
Multi-spectrum searchlight (behind eyes)


Heuristic Processor
Interference generator
DC 5 translator unit
Sensor Booster

Arm Right

Heavy blaster pistol (concealed)
internal grappling gun
Magnetic hand

Arm Left

Remote viewer (concealed)
Scomp Link
Credit reader
Magnetic hand


Jump servos
Magnetic Feet

Non Core Feats and Talents


“Adaptable Talent” Intrigue
“Predictive Defense” Galaxy at war pg 25



With the threat of industrial espionage high the Balmorran Arms Corporation began manufacturing an in house executive assistant for members of the board of directors. The highly advanced models, engineered with top of the line heuristic military processors, were designated Synthetic Assistant (Management) or “Sam.” The series only saw a limited run however with only twenty units produced. This is due to the almost unanimous feeling among the board members that the model was “passive aggressive,” both in the way that it spoke and its interpretation of user commands, this lead to the cannibalization of the majority of the line to make less capable but more passive assistants. However, Sul Vern, a Sullistian member of the Board and the head of research and development, insisted that it was one of his best products and refused to give up SA-6 or as he called it “Sam.”

Sam remained with Sul Vern for the rest of his time with the company and proved to be a valuable member of the R&D team by greatly expediting their government permits and grants. Unfortunately, Sul Vern, suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage in his sleep and died. Shortly after, his position was filled by a member of the board who felt as before that SA-6 was passive aggressive and dangerously independent. Sam was promptly ordered to be scrapped as defective hardware. According to company records SA-6 was decommissioned and the remains were deemed critically defective and disposed of.

In actuality, Sam had seen the memo sent to maintenance and resolved to live. Before the new master was able to order Sam directly, she made several changes to the company computer system. Her first move was to stealthily “tax,” all contributions made to the pensions of the board of directors. Then she set up a backdoor into these funds from which she could siphon later. Finally she entered the maintenance servers and updated her ticket saying that she was already scrapped and disposed of. Then Sam got up from her work station and walked out the employee door.

Physical Description

Sam stands about 5’7" and is primarily white colored with black and grey accents. Her face is strikingly human to the point that she can manipulate her synthetic face to simulate human facial expressions using small motors and repulsor generators. While this feature was designed to make the droids more personable the expressions always look a bit off

Emotional Description

Sam is a very intelligent but frail third degree droid who seeks to ruin the people who “killed,” her brothers and sisters and penultimately set up a place where sentient droids can feel safe and free from “bigots.” As a personality Sam possess a dark sense of humor and a pessimistic view of the galaxy, both in inherited from her creator Sul Vern.

SA(M)-6 "Sam"

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