TC-SC / Tucker Cane

A custom TC-SC droid abducted and reprogrammed by SAM to function as her "master".


TC-SC / Tucker Cane (Level 1)
Scoundrel 1

Destiny 1; Force 5; Dark Side 0;
Init 14; Senses Perception 5;
Languages Basic, Binary, Shyriiwook, Huttese
Defenses Ref 18, Fort 11, Will 12
hp 18; Threshold 11

Speed 6 squares
Melee Unarmed: -1(1d4-1)
Ranged Blaster Pistol 5(3d61)
Base Attack +0, Double Attack Mod -10, Ranged Attack Mod 1, Ranged Damage Mod 1
Special Actions
Abilities Str 8, Dex 18, Con -, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 10

Talents Knack
Feats Weapon Proficiency (pistols), Weapon Proficiency (simple weapons), Point Blank Shot, Skill Focus (Initiative)
Skills Deception +15, Initiative +14, Mechanics +7, Perception +5, Persuasion +5, Stealth +9

Weapons Blaster Pistol
Armor Micro Shield (Droid)
Equipment Tool Kit


Custom designed to be an assassin, TC-SC came off the production line and was altered to be used as an undercover spy and target dispatcher. Upon completion, TC-SC was poised and ready to be shipped to be used for government work. However, before shipping occurred, a rogue droid self-named SAM abducted TC-SC for her own means. She modified the droid to be sentient and listen to her orders, but the reprogramming did not go without fault. The droid picked up a lust for using firearms as it sports a concealed blaster pistol. SAM explains to TC-SC that she needs a humanoid in order to justify her means. To satisfy the desires of its new master, he immediately adopts a persona called Tucker Cane. He is an adult male with a darker complexion and possesses a strong territorial sense. His current job is a mechanic for Joe’s Body and Appendages Shop. He has no family to speak of, so he has adopted SAM as a teenage daughter figure. Understanding the relationship precedence set by TC-SC, SAM exploits this flaw to further control her droid partner in order achieve her goal.

TC-SC / Tucker Cane

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