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Will the party fulfill their obligation to the imprinted sith lord? Will They find out who is obsessed with blunt weapons and guarding the imprint? Will they be able to pilot their junker when no one knows how to fly? Will the parasitologist find a parasite large enough to ride? Will anyone find out what the fuck is wrong with Tucker?

Find out next week on Da Soocha!

Session 1

Now updated with possibly some interesting/non-spoilery info.


Several ships appear out of hyperspace, hanging ominously above the sickly green globe Jasmine orbited. While Jasmine was an Acclimator class capital ship at one point, she’d been repurposed a lifetime ago to haul cargo and she was no match for the newly arrived Recuscant and escorts. The bricklike Carrack escorts move to intercept the newly arrived squadron, and a flurry of Dagger fighter pours from their bowels. A familiar drone hums through Jasmine as she begins charging her hyperdrives, the bridge is a flurry of activity yet is easily dominated by the voice of Cmdr Haku, “Our Orders are and will remain the complete evacuation of the Boz Pity refugee’s, Captain!” Captain Jakan’s grizzled face appears pained as he explains “We can’t evacuate anyone if we’re blown out of orbit, Not to mention the safety of the current cargo. Continue prepping for hyperspace, jump when ready.” A nearby Chiss furiously enters hyperspace coordinates, (Perception + Galactic Lore 20: You see a galactic map, with a route mapped over an area you do not believe contains a hyperspace lane) as the drone of the hyperdrive reaches a patch that overwhelms even Cmdr Haku’s yelling. Outside, ships fire silently as an apparently infinite supply of Freefall class fighters zips within inches of the bridge viewport. The ship has spun to face away from Boz Pity, fleeing the newly forming orbiting graveyard. The stars in the distance stretch to infinity as the hyperdrive hits its full .75 potential, when a sudden explosion rocks the ship, knocking most of the bridge to the ground. (ask for a Acrobatics roll (DC 20 to remain standing.)) The hyperdrive drone has become a sick whine as the stars skip past strangely. After 5-10 minutes of pure motion sickness, the swirling streaks of stars coalesce into points. The cockpit is bathed in red light as klaxons blare. “Atmospheric entry in 30 seconds. Ship destruction Immenent” Please calmly move towards your nearest escape pod. Message Repeats:" Ahead looms a martian lookalike, with spotty green spots (likely vegetation) and red soil. Cmdr Haku’s Squadron grabs every civilian between them and the exit of the bridge “Escape Pods NOW! Move Move Move!” As you leave the cockpit, you see Captain Jakan vainly attempting to pull the ship out of its final dive as the chiss navigator violently strikes the navigation computer, while tears roll down his face. You are jammed into the second escape pod away from the bridge, stuck in a tin can with <party-1> other civilians isn’t comfortable, as the can pressurizes. The sound of the pod launch firing is relaxing after the hubbub of the ship, but the lack of engine noise isn’t.

You wake up in a barren plain. It’s a fairly average barren plain, shrubbery and rocks dominating the slightly red tinged surroundings.The horizon is broken by a small valley to the north and a large hunk of flaming wreckage directly to the south. The first thing you notice is the heat, the second is the fire. The distractions are almost enough to stop you from noticing the nearby worm-like creatures with what looks like blades for legs. You have a good feeling that this planet isn’t where you planned on being.


  • Name – Valley of Golg
  • Location – Valley of Golg
  • Tags – Windswept, covered in symbols



  • Objective – Survive
  • Location – The good freighter Jasmine
  • Facts – Colossal(Cruiser) (Acclimator, pg 57 SsG). Escorted by 3 Carrack Class (page 68 SsG) cruisers
  • NPC’s – Cmdr Haku, Captain Jakan
  • Notes – Captain Jakan does not leave the bridge. Cmdr Haku will urge players towards an escape pod.

Crash Site

  • Objective – Escape
  • Location – Shipwreck
  • Facts – Ship broke up upon entry. Escape pod players got to (if they did) was broken.
  • NPC’s – Cmdr Haku
  • Notes – Flaming fuel will cause 1d4 damage to each player each round. 1d6/2 Klor Slugs (below) likely survive the crash.


  • Objective – Discover source of power
  • Location – Valley of Golg
  • Facts – Twisting shallow canyon. Most tombs are covered in sand/shrubbery
  • NPC’s – Cmdr Haku
  • Notes – A nearby cave appears to be putting out a large amount of radioactive energy. Detailed scans detect a depression/collapse into the cave approx 1 km into the cave. Upon approach 5x(4d10) batlike creatures [http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Shyrack Shyrack] (stats below) stream from the cave mouth as the sun rises (or stream into the cave mouth if it’s later in the day) These will attack in packs of 10 if they notice the party (roll perception for each pack (+3))


  • Objective – Enter the Ship
  • Location – Deep within an unknown cave
  • Facts – Junker-Archaic Lethisk Class (Below)
  • NPCs – Force Imprint of Graush
  • Notes -

Sithspawn Gado (Hammer)

  • HP: 17
  • stats: str-6;dex-12;con-3;int-19;wis-21(+5);cha-11
  • attacks:
    • Hatred: [Dark Side] (close burst 6) Standard action, maintain swift (reroll use the force) (x3)
      15: 1d6, -1 penalty to all defenses
      20: 2d6
      25: 3d6
      30: 4d6
    • Memory Walk [Dark Side] (one creature within 6) Standard action maintain swift (x3)
      20: 2d6, lose a swift
      25: lose a move
      30: lose a standard
      35: lose a standard and swift
      *Skills: Use the force +10
  • defenses: ref-14;fort-4;will-21
  • speed: 4

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